Power inductors

Power inductor
TOWN EL GROUP supply a wide spectrum of Power inductors.

Inductors are used extensively in analog circuits and signal processing. Applications range from the use of large inductors in power supplies, which in conjunction with filter capacitors remove residual hums known as the mains hum or other fluctuations from the direct current output, to the small inductance of the ferrite bead or torus installed around a cable to prevent radio frequency interference from being transmitted down the wire. Inductors are used as the energy storage device in many switched-mode power supplies to produce DC current. The inductor supplies energy to the circuit to keep current flowing during the “off” switching periods.

An inductor connected to a capacitor forms a tuned circuit, which acts as a resonator for oscillating current. Tuned circuits are widely used in radio frequency equipment such as radio transmitters and receivers, as narrow bandpass filters to select a single frequency from a composite signal, and in electronic oscillators to generate sinusoidal signals.

SMD power inductor

SMD power inductor
SMD power inductor


SMD power inductor has 1 to 560µH inductance and ±20, 10 or 5 percent tolerance. It suits high-current applications.

The product uses a ferrite core and enameled copper wire, and comes with silver, tin or lead terminals. It withstands 260 C soldering for 10 seconds. The operating and storage temperatures are -25 to 105 C and -40 to 125 C.

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