VJ5101W157GXCMT chip antenna

VJ5101W157GXCMT Surface Mount Ceramic Chip Antennas for 1.575 GHz

The VJ5101W157 series are small form-factor,
high-performance chip-antennas optimized for GPS

Designed for GPS applications, the VJ5101W157GXCMT antenna shows a superb performance and excellent peak/ average gain, allowing longer ranges than similar GPS patch antennas.


The VJ5101W157GXCMT ceramic chip antenna is a small form-factor, high-performance, chip-antenna designed for
operation at 1.575 GHz. It allows manufacturers to design
high quality products that do not bear the penalty of a large external antenna, and is designed to be assembled onto a PC board using a standard reflow process.


• GPS L1 band
• Transmission / reception at 1.575 GHz

Source Vishay

VJ5101W157GXCMT chip antenna
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