SMD chip resistors

SMD chip resistors
TOWN EL GROUP supply a SMD chip resistors:

Key specifications of chip resistor SMD:
Thin film chip resistors
Saving of PCB space
Reducing environmentally hazardous wastes
RoHS compliant
Size: 1210, 1206, 0805, 0603 and 0402
Printer equipment
Server board
1p0, 1p2, 1p5, 1p8, 2p2, 2p7, 3p3, 3p9, 4p7, 5p6, 6p8, 8p2,10p,12p, 15p, 18p, 22p, 27p, 33p, 39p, 47p, 56p, 68p, 82p, 100p, 120p,150p, 180p, 220p, 270p, 330p, 390p, 470p, 560p, 680p and 820p
1n2, 1n5, 1n8, 2n2, 2n7, 3n3, 3n9, 4n7, 5n6, 6n8, 10n ,82n,1n,8n2, 12n, 15n, 18n, 22n, 27n, 33n, 39n, 47n, 56n, 68n, 100n, 220n,330n, 470n and 680n
0R, 1R, 2R7, 3R3, 4R7, 10R, 12R, 15R, 18R, 22R, 27R, 33R, 39R,47R, 56R, 68R, 82R, 100R, 120R, 150R, 180R, 220R, 270R, 330R, 390R,470R, 560R, 680R and 820R
1K0, 1K1, 1K2, 1K3, 1K5, 1K6, 1K8, 2K0, 2K2, 2K4, 2K7, 3K0,3K3, 3K6, 3K9, 4K3, 4K7, 5K1, 5K6, 6K2, 6K8, 7K5, 8K2, 9K1, 10K,11K, 12K, 13K, 15K, 16K, 18K, 20K, 22K, 24K, 27K, 30K, 33K, 36K,39K, 43K, 7K, 51K, 56K, 62K, 68K, 75K, 82K, 91K, 100K, 110K, 120K,150K, 180K, 220K, 270K, 330K, 390K, 470K, 560K, 680K and 820K
1M0, 1M5, 1M8, 2M2 and 10M

PHP Vishay High Power Thin Film Wraparound Chip Resistor

Vishay Dale Thin Film
High Power Thin Film Wraparound Chip Resistor
PHP series chip resistors are designed with enlarged backside terminations to reduce the thermal resistance between the topside resistor layer and the solder joint on the end users circuit board.
Actual power handling capability is limited by the end user mounting process. As with any high power chip resistor the ability to remove the generated heat is critical to the overall performance of the device.
PHP chip resistor
PHP Vishay High Power Thin Film Wraparound Chip Resistor datasheet