LED driver

LED driver
TOWN EL GROUP supply a wide spectrum of LED-drivers.

For example, LED-driver features:
Input voltages: 85-265V AC
Output voltages: 24-36V DC
Output current: 300MA
PF: ≥0.55
Warranty: 3 years
Protection: short-circuit/over-load/over-voltage/over-temperature
Built-in active PFC function
Cooling by free air convection
100% full load burn-in test
Suitable for LED lighting and moving sign applications
Current limit: ±5% rated output current
Protection type: constant current limiting type
Over-voltage: shutdown and latch off O/P voltage, re-power on to recover
Over-temperature: 85°C ±10
Protection type: shutdown O/P voltage, re-power on to recover

New LED driver MAX16838B from Maxim Integrated

Integrated, 2-Channel, High-Brightness LED Driver with High-Voltage Boost and SEPIC Controller

The MAX16838B is a dual-channel LED driver that integrates both the DC-DC switching boost regulator and two 150mA current sinks.
A current-mode switching DC-DC controller provides the necessary voltage to both strings of HB LEDs. The MAX16838B accepts a wide 4.75V to
40V input voltage range and directly withstands automotive load-dump events. For a 5V ±10% input voltage, connect VIN to VCC.
The wide input range allows powering HB LEDs for small-to-medium-sized LCD displays in automotive and display backlight applications.

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