Smart Card Reader Interface

TDA8007BHL Smart Card Reader Interface
Smart Card Reader Interface

The TDA8007BHL is a cost-effective card interface for dual smart card readers. Controlled through a parallel bus, it meets all requirements of ISO 7816, GSM 11-11, EMV4.2 and EMV 2000. It is addressed on a non-multiplexed 8-bit databus, by means of address registers AD0, AD1, AD2 and AD3. TDA8007BHL/C3 can be also addressed through a multiplexed access. The integrated ISO UART and the time-out counters allow easy use even at high baud rates with no real time constraints. Due to its chip select, external input/output and interrupt features, it greatly simplifies the realization of a reader of any number of cards. It gives the cards and the reader a very high level of security, due to its special hardware against ESD, short-circuiting, power failure, etc. The integrated step-up converter allows operation within a supply voltage range of 2.7 V to 6 V.
TDA8007BHL/C4 supports only non multiplex access and TDA8007BHL/C3 support both non multiplexed and multiplexed access.

Multiple smart card readers for multiprocessor applications (EMV banking, digital pay TV and access control, etc.).

Source NXP

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