PCB – printed circuit board

PCB is a printed circuit board.

TOWN EL GROUP provide an Electronic manufacturing services (EMS).
PCB manufacturing.
Electronics manufacturing.

Technology Capabilities for PCB manufacturing.
Maximum layers: 30 layers
HDI (High Density Interconnection): 16 layers
Maximum board size: 622.3 mm x 673.1 mm
Board thickness: 0.2 mm ~ 7.0 mm
Maximum copper thickness: 8 OZ
Minimum line width: 0.035 mm
Minimum line space: 0.035 mm
Mine hole size: 0.15 mm
Minimum laser hole size: 0.05 mm
Minimum PTH wall thickness: 35 um
PTH hole tolerance: ±50 um
NPTH hole tolerance: ±25 um
Aspect ratio: 16:1
Impedance control: ±8%

Important Machines for PCB manufacturing
Fully Automatic Exposure Position Machine
Fully Automatic Coating Machine
Inner layer DES Line
Lamination System
X-ray Hole Target Machine
Board Thickness Measuring Instrument
High-speed Mechanical Drilling Machine
Hole Position Test Machine
Laser Drilling Machine
Vertical Conveyor PlatingLine
Pattern Plating Line
Fully Automatic Exposure Position Machine
Laser Direct Imaging Machine
Fully Automatic Exposure Machine
Sandblasting Pretreatment Machine
Electrostatic Spraying Machine
Quality Test Equipment

History of PCB
Regional distribution of PCB in China

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