Offline controller for LED lighting HVLED001

Offline controller for LED lighting HVLED001
Offline controller for LED lighting with constant voltage primary-sensing and high power factor.

The HVLED001 is an enhanced peak current mode controller capable of controlling mainly high power factor (HPF) flyback or buck-boost topologies in LED drivers having an output power up to 150 W. Some other topologies, like buck, boost and SEPIC can also be implemented.

ST’s innovative high voltage technology allows direct connection of the HVLED001 to the input voltage in order to both start up the device and monitor the input voltage without the need for external components.

Advanced features are embedded to control either the output voltage or output current precisely and reliably using a reduced number of components, mainly passive. Startup and light-load conditions are managed by dedicated operating schemes to improve the quality of output variable regulation in the final application. Abnormal conditions such as open circuit, output short-circuit, input overvoltage/undervoltage, and circuit failures such as open loop and overcurrent of the main switch are effectively controlled.

A smart auto-recover timer (ART) function is built in to guarantee automatic application recovery, without loss of reliability.

Source STMicroelectronics

HVLED001 Datasheet and ordering information