MGC3030/3130 3D Gesture Controller from Microchip

The MGC3030 is a 3D Gesture controller enabling Gesture based user interfaces as a single chip solution. The chip uses an electrical-field (E-field) for three-dimensional (3D) gesture recognition based on Microchip’s patented GestIC® technology. GestIC enables user command input with natural hand movements in free-space. Gestures are meaningful hand movements such as rotations to dim lights (Air wheel) or flicks to change to the next track.

The MGC3030 is a true single chip solution for gesture detection – on board (32bit SOC) runs the Colibri gesture suite, developed and provided by Microchip. Not a single line of code is needed to design in gestures into products – configuration is done by the AUREA SW suite. AUREA is provided for free from Microchip as well.

MGC3030/MGC3130 3D Gesture Controller
MGC3030/MGC3130 3D Gesture Controller datasheet