LEDs achieve lower system cost over mid-power LEDs

In the latest advancement, Cree announces the new XLamp MHD-E and MHD-G LEDs combine the high lumen density and reliability of a ceramic chip-on-board
LED to more effectively achieve lower system cost over mid-power LEDs.

Building off the MH family, the new ceramic XLamp MHD LEDs simplify development, increase design flexibility and improve manufacturing efficiency
compared to mid-power LEDs while enabling new designs and significantly lowering system costs. The MHD LEDs deliver chip-on-board performance to lighting
manufacturers that prefer surface mount technology, making it easier for them to achieve lower system cost than with the same commoditized mid-power
LEDs that everyone is using. The XLamp MHD-E and MHD-G LEDs are ideal for semi-directional, high-lumen applications such as downlight, high bay and outdoor area applications.