Bluetooth® Low Energy Module – RN4020

Bluetooth® Low Energy Module - RN4020
Bluetooth® Low Energy Module – RN4020

The RN4020 is a fully-certified, Bluetooth Version 4.1 low energy module for designers who want to easily add low power wireless capability to their products. The small form factor, surface mount module has the complete Bluetooth stack on-board and is controlled via simple ASCII commands over the UART interface. The RN4020 also includes all Bluetooth SIG profiles, as well as MLDP (Microchip Low-energy Data Profile) for custom data. Developers can utilize the scripting feature to enable standalone operation without a host MCU or Processor. The RN4020 can be remote controlled by another module over a secure connection and can be updated via the UART interface or over-the-air.

The RN4020 has a built-in high performance PCB antenna optimally tuned for long range, typically over 100 meters. The compact size, 11.5 x 19.5 x 2.5mm, enables ease of integration in size-constrained applications. The RN4020 can be used with any low cost microcontroller for intelligent Bluetooth Low Energy applications. The RN4020 is fully-certified, has the complete Bluetooth stack on-board the module, and is controlled via a simple ASCII UART interface, making it a true drop-in solution that is easy to use, and easy to prototype, greatly speeding time to market.

Source Microchip

Bluetooth® Low Energy Module – RN4020 Datasheet and ordering information

MGC3030/3130 3D Gesture Controller from Microchip

The MGC3030 is a 3D Gesture controller enabling Gesture based user interfaces as a single chip solution. The chip uses an electrical-field (E-field) for three-dimensional (3D) gesture recognition based on Microchip’s patented GestIC® technology. GestIC enables user command input with natural hand movements in free-space. Gestures are meaningful hand movements such as rotations to dim lights (Air wheel) or flicks to change to the next track.

The MGC3030 is a true single chip solution for gesture detection – on board (32bit SOC) runs the Colibri gesture suite, developed and provided by Microchip. Not a single line of code is needed to design in gestures into products – configuration is done by the AUREA SW suite. AUREA is provided for free from Microchip as well.

MGC3030/MGC3130 3D Gesture Controller
MGC3030/MGC3130 3D Gesture Controller datasheet