ADM1270 – High Voltage Input Protection Device

ADM1270 - High Voltage Input Protection Device
ADM1270 – High Voltage Input Protection Device

Product Details

The ADM1270 is a current-limiting controller that provides inrush current limiting and overcurrent protection for modular or battery-powered systems. When circuit boards are inserted into a live backplane, discharged supply bypass capacitors draw large transient currents from the backplane power bus as they charge. These transient currents can cause permanent damage to connector pins, as well as dips on the backplane supply that can reset other boards in the system.

The ADM1270 is designed to control the inrush current, when powering on the system, via an external P-channel field effect transistor (FET).

To protect the system from a reverse polarity input supply, there is a provision made to control an additional external P-channel FET. This feature prevents reverse current flow in case of a reverse polarity connection, which can damage the load or the ADM1270.
The ADM1270 is available in a 3 mm 3 mm, 16-lead LFCSP and a 16-lead QSOP.


Industrial modules
Battery powered/portable instrumentation

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ADM1270 – High Voltage Input Protection Device Datasheet and ordering information

Converter AD9154

Converter AD9154
All Wireless and Mobile Device Frequency Standards in one Converter AD9154

Highly integrated AD9154 quad, 16-bit D/A converter delivers 2.4-GSPS bandwidth, enabling superior performance and multi-carrier generation to the Nyquist frequency in baseband mode.

Analog Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADI), a global leader in high-performance semiconductors for signal processing applications, today introduced a quad-channel, 2.4-GSPS, 16-bit D/A converter with industry leading dynamic range performance in the 100- to 300-MHz band for complex IF transmitters. The highly integrated AD9154 quad, 16-bit D/A converter is the only device of its kind to include an on-chip PLL (phase-locked loop) and eight-lane JESD204B interface. The combination of features allows designers to use a single device to meet all of their requirements in multicarrier GSM and LTE transmitters designed for wireless macro base stations, point-to-point microwave radio, military radios and radio test equipment. The new converter includes a range of features optimized for complex IF (intermediate frequency) transmit applications, including complex digital modulation, input-signal power detection, and gain, phase and offset compensation.

Features and Benefits

Supports input data rates up to 1 GSPS
Proprietary, low spurious and distortion design
Single carrier LTE 20 MHz BW, ACLR = 76.7 dBc at 180 MHz IF
Six carrier GSM IMD = 78 dBc, 600 kHz carrier spacing at 180 MHz IF
SFDR = 72 dBc at 180 MHz IF, ?6 dBFS
Flexible 8-lane JESD204B interface
Multiple chip synchronization
Fixed latency
Data generator latency compensation
Input signal power detection
High performance, low noise PLL clock multiplier
Digital inverse sinc filter
Digital quadrature modulation using an NCO
“Mix mode” Nyquist Band Selection
Selectable 1?, 2?, 4?, and 8? interpolation filters
Low power: 2.11 W at 1.6 GSPS, full operating conditions
88-lead, exposed pad LFCSP

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Converter AD9154 Datasheet and ordering information

ADG5413BFBRUZ Analog Devices Analog Switch Quad SPST 16-Pin TSSOP

The ADG5412BF and ADG5413BF contain four independently controlled single-pole/single-throw (SPST) switches. The ADG5412BF has four switches that turn on with Logic 1 inputs. The ADG5413BF has two switches with that turn on and two switches that turn off with Logic 1 inputs. Each switch conducts equally well in both directions when on, and each switch has an input signal range that extends to the supplies. The digital inputs are compatible with 3 V logic inputs over the full operating supply range.

When no power supplies are present, the switch remains in the off condition, and the switch inputs are high impedance. Under normal operating conditions, if the analog input signal levels on any switch pin exceed VDD or VSS by a threshold voltage, VT, then the switch turns off. Input signal levels up to +55 V and ?55 V relative to ground are blocked, in both the powered and unpowered condition.

The low on resistance of these switches, combined with on-resistance flatness over a significant portion of the signal range make them an ideal solution for data acquisition and gain switching applications where excellent linearity and low distortion are critical.


ADG5413BFBRUZ Analog Devices Analog Switch Quad SPST 16-Pin TSSOP
ADG5413BFBRUZ Analog Devices Analog Switch Quad SPST 16-Pin TSSOP datasheet