Diodes for SMD (PCBA)

We purchase diodes for PCBA (SMD) projects: General Purpose Rectifier Fast Recovery Rectifier Ultrafast Recovery Rectifier High Efficiency Rectifier Zener Diode TVS Smallsignal Schottky Diode Smallsignal Switching Diode SOT,SOD Switching Schottky DIAC Bridge Rectifier Automobile Rectifiers Special Diode […]

Diodes, transistors, suppressors, rectifiers, resonators

TOWN EL GROUP supply: Transient voltage suppressors Small-signal/general-purpose transistors Diode bridges Fast recovery rectifiers Diodes/diode modules Schottky barrier rectifiers Zener diodes Silicon controlled rectifiers/SCR modules Ceramic resonators Switching diodes […]

Bridge Rectifiers Diode DSP

800V 1.5A 4-SMD Bridge Rectifiers DIODE DSP

Features Category: Discrete semi-conductor products Family: Bridge rectifiers Diode type: Single phase Voltage: Peak reverse (Maximum) 800V Current: DC forward (If) (Maximum) 1.5A Mounting type: Surface mount Package/case: 4-SMD Supplier device package: 4-SDIP Dynamic catalog: SMT bridge rectifiers […]

Schottky Barrier Rectifiers

TOWN EL GROUP supply a wide range of Schottky Barrier Rectifiers

Part Number Outline (Case) SS22 THRU SS26 SMB/DO-214AA SK225 SMB/DO-214AA SS12 THRU SS100 SMA/DO-214AC SK12 THRU SK110 SMA SRF735 THRU SRF760 1TO-220AC SR735 THRU SR760 TO-220AC SR502 THRU SR520 DO-201AD SR302 THRU SR3010 DO-201AD 1N5820 THRU 1N5822 DO-201AD SR220 THRU SR2A0 DO-15 SR202 […]

Gas Discharge Tube

TOWN EL GROUP supply wide range of Gas discharge tubes Switching spark gaps Transient voltage suppressors Lightning surge arrestors Thyristors/thyristor modules Varistors

Schottky Diodes

TOWN EL GROUP supply a wide range of Schottky Diodes Schottky Diodes with Low-power Loss, High-efficiency, SOD-123FL 2.0A SMA Schottky Barrier Rectifier with High-current Capability 1A Schottky Barrier Rectifier, SS120 2.0A SMB Schottky Diode with High-current Capability SOD-123FL 1A/1,000V Schottky Barrier Rectifiers with Low-power Loss, High-efficiency 1A 20V Barrier Rectifier with Low-power Loss, High-efficiency, […]


TOWN EL GROUP is a wholesale supplier of: Transient voltage suppressors Small-signal/general-purpose transistors Fast recovery rectifiers Diode bridges Diodes/diode modules Zener diodes Schottky barrier rectifiers Switching diodes Silicon controlled rectifiers/SCR modules Ceramic resonators


APR343 is a secondary side MOSFET driver for synchronous rectification in DCM operation, which integrates the output voltage detection function for primary side control system. The synchronous rectification can effectively reduce the secondary side rectifier power dissipation and provide high performance solution. By sensing MOSFET drain-to-source voltage, APR343 can output ideal drive signal with […]