Analog Devices / Hittite HMC3653LP3BE

Gain Block MMIC Amplifier
Analog Devices/Hittite’s HMC3653LP3BE HBT Gain Block MMIC Amplifier covers 7GHz to 15GHz and is packaged in a 3x3mm plastic QFN SMT package. This versatile amplifier can be used as a cascadable IF or RF gain stage in 50Ohm applications. The HMC3653LP3BE delivers 15dB gain, and +15dBm output P1dB with only 4dB noise figure. Typical applications include point-to-point radios, point-to-multipoint radios, VSAT, LO driver for HMC mixers, and military EW & ECM applications.
Hittite HMC3653LP3BE
Hittite HMC3653LP3BE datasheet datasheet